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"I am rarely an early adopter when it comes to new pieces of kit, but I have been

on the lookout for a control surface to integrate deeply with Cubase 12.

The Mobi One has been designed specifically for this purpose, and is also highly customisable.

It can be used not only for transport, channel strip and EQ, but also for stock and non-stock plugins.

I'd not previously used Generic Remote scripts, so there is a bit of a learning curve if you want

to get deeply into the backend, but Qube Audio have provided lots of presets to

keep things as simple as possible and it didn't take me long to get into customising these further for my own purposes.

Support from the Qube Audio Team (when I needed a nudge) was outstanding.

10/10 Keep it up! "

Pete Ware.jpg

Pete Ware .   Parrothouse Recordings . UK


"The Mobi One is an example of well-built handcrafted hardware.

I get things done fast with the Mobi One, and it looks great on my desk."

Chris St'Aubyn .   Creator of Simple for HALion . USA

Mitchie Lodge.jpg

"I'd just like to say awesome work. Using the EQ & Channel Strip is a dream, this is exactly what I've been waiting for, for many years. I actually got a bit emotional using the Mobi One. Thank you for bringing this to market."

Mitch .   Red Roar Studios.  UK

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