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Check out The New MIDI Remote for Cubase / Nuendo V12

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We've had a fantastic review written by John Walden from SoS Magazine.

Click the image above to see the full article.

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To view a detailed article describing MODES 1, 2 & 3 of the controller
Click the link below 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Mobi One work with my Apple Mac?

Yes, the Mobi One transmits & receives MIDI data using the Serial USB format which is built into all Apple Mac’s and PC’s. Additional drivers are not required. Setup is made entirely within Cubase / Nuendo.

The Mobi One is also fully compatible with the Apple M1 processor, for the reasons listed above. 

Is the Mobi One compatible 
with the new MIDI Remote in Cubase / Nuendo V12?

Yes, it is compatible.

Please click the link HERE

for more information.

Is a power supply needed?

No, the Mobi One is powered by the USB Type B port (cable supplied). The port is at the rear of the unit.


How many tracks can the Mobi One control?

The Track Selection Dial operates on tracks 1 to 200, but the Mobi One will operate over all tracks if the track is selected using the mouse.

How big is it?

The Mobi One measures 39cm wide, 22cm deep & 7cm at its highest point.

It weighs 1.65Kg.

Can the Mobi One be used with other DAW’s?

We are currently researching alternative DAW's for use with the Mobi One.

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